Hiya, my name is Rahmen and I wish I was as cool as you.
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Song: Sakura Kiss (for string)
Artist: Hirano Yoshihisa
Album: Ouran High School Host Club Soundtrack & Character Song 1

soundtrack of my life. wedding song, funeral song, what have you.

oh my god, used as a wedding song, I’m in heaven!

Annnnnnd playlisted for the ball. 

  • Track: Sakura Kiss for string
  • Artist: Hirano Yoshihisa
  • Plays: 130849

It’s kinda embarrassing how excited I am for Itazura na kiss: Love in Okinawa. 

At least that trailer wasn’t as sugary and corny as the first opening. Now it’s just right up my alley.

I’m dead this november.

When that one reblogger is awake and active on your dash and it’s a game of hit and miss of how the people behind you will judge you.

I am wary.

Gotta go sanic fast.